Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Riding...Pursley Style

Our kids LOVE riding. I must say that I am thrilled, even having a 4 year old girl who loves it. I 'grew up' riding and going riding and had so much fun. So when you see your own kids enjoy the same things, it makes it that much more exciting. Now, with Courtney, I get nervous. She is an amazing rider, she just gets it. She has the natural ability to drive, ride, race, etc. She knows how to correct the bike if it's going to fall, she grabs the breaks when she is going to run into something (usually) and she just gets it. BUT, as a mom, it still can be stressful to watch her as she is trying to 'win' and almost rolls her 4-wheeler. She hasn't yet, but I'm sure the day is near. Hence, she wears full riding gear...even in the back yard.

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