Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ethan on stage

Ok, I need to change up the format here; everyone else has all the stuff you have to read first and then the pictures/videos. I guess that gets you to actually read stuff? I don't know, let's see if it worked. Here is a video of Ethan at his Kidz Inc Worship and Arts program last Sunday night. I have been fortunate enough to take Ethan and Anna (his step-sister) to Wednesday night church events for the past few weeks where they have been practicing for this big show. They both did GREAT. Anna was in the 'art' group and made a poster and Ethan was in the 'music' group where he played a drum during one of the songs. We were all so proud of him and and Anna both.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Courtney Standing

Here is little miss Courtney standing and being her ornery self. We are such proud parents and think she'll be walking soon. Yes, she is wearing a tu-tu and I think it is adorable. Daddy says she is not to leave the house with it on though.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Me & Mamma

Nuff said.

Muscle Man


Here's my hottie hot husband....driving a, we aren't getting a minivan. :-) He's going to just love that I chose this picture...he can't figure out how to take it off though, so oh well. :-)

guess he does know how...he says "take that off there".
The cutest boy in the world! This was last Christmas, but by far one of my favorite pictures.

Day at baseball practice

Here is little miss Courtney enjoying some cookies while her brother plays baseball. It was a beautiful day at the park!

Blaine in the Army

Must say I am proud to have a brother who is willing to fight for our freedom. He is in Virginia right now at AIT and will be home for a while in September; then off to war unless Hilary does something stupid. :-) He is strong minded and wants to serve his country. Whenever you think about it, give a little prayer to keep him safe and strong hearted.


C ourtney
A nnie
P aul
E than