Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What am I thankful for this year? My family! This year we went to my sister Shannon's and had a great time! We just hung out, ate, and busted open the pinata! Yes, a pinata at Thanksgiving. It was a BLAST. According to my brother-in-law, it is tradition in his family to have a pinata for Thanksgiving. Odd, maybe. Fun, definitely. :-)

This moment was priceless. This is my Grandma with my daughter and my sister's daughter (who are 2 weeks apart). They both climbed up in Grandma's lap. THIS is what Thanksgiving is about.

And the next generation. My Dad has his turn too...How does Courtney look just like me and I look just like my Dad, but I don't think they look alike at all?!?! hmm...
The cousins...
My sweet nephew Carter.
Let the pinata.....challenge us!!! Uncle Jim showing Courtney (the youngest of the group) how to take aim.
....not quite enough to break it...
Kaylee was next...Ali showed her how...
Uncle Jim showed her how to HIT it.
I LOVE Carter's face here. The kids had so much fun.
Then there was Alina...
And then there was Anthony...I was SURE he would bust it...
And back to the youngest...encouraged to kick it...steal toe boots may have helped.

We decided to bring in reinforcements...Tad...the youngest of the "older kids".
I was up next!
and chaos....
Auntie Shannon showing Courtney how to look through the kaleidoscope.
Uncle Dave doing what Uncle Dave does...
All in all, Thanksgiving was great. On to the next year of thanks.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gorgeous November Day

We have had such odd weather this year. We are really enjoying it though as we are able to get outside a lot! Love my kids and love that they don't mind me taking pictures of them...ALL THE TIME!

she's not really sad...I told her to 'act sad'...good job, baby!
Even Bo was feeling photogenic this day.

Ethan's new room

After MUCH deliberation, I did it. I made a decision and painted/decorated Ethan's new room. His room was SO bare and needed something, anything! I wish I would have taken a picture of before, but of course, I did not. Oh well...I got the "theme" from his Quiksilver towel I got him and just rolled from there. I took this blank canvas and came up with this:

These are photos from his 9th birthday party that was held at the BMX track in Lowell. The one to the left is his favorite.

Above his window I am still wanting to add a bible verse (of his choice). I'm going to TRY to do it in the quiksilver font so it looks 'cool'. I'll post the update when I get enough guts to try.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Candy Land 1st timer

Courtney experienced the timeless Candy Land the other night. I think we tried it with her once before and she just didn't get it. But the other night she did. We started off with a minor hick-up...NO CANDY LAND MEN were in existence here at the Pursley home. But that was OK, the players from Chutes and Ladders were happy to play a different game. So, we got our men out and explained to her how to play. She got it! I was so proud of my little girl. She knows her colors and was a patient player too. Daddy even tried to skip Mommy and Courtney was not having that!

The winner and her Daddy. :-)
This picture was that night. She was just having so much fun.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Photos Fall 2009

October 24th was the big day. Yes, my little brother turned 21 but it was also family picture day. Oh, the dreaded family picture day. The day that I look forward to for weeks. I pick out matching yet still super cute outfits, think of how I will do Courtney's hair and how we will get Ethan's hair cut. That part is all so much fun. But it's also the day that I dread. The day Paul will get frustrated with me because I want him to wear something he never ever wears. The day Ethan looks at me with the strangest look when I tell him "don't get dirty" and of course the day that Courtney does not take a nap. Oh, the joy of family pictures! God was with me this time though. He had a will and it was done! Our family pictures turned out awesome! Kimberlea Bass took us down to the railroad tracks in Fayetteville and captured some super cute moments of the 4 of us. The hardest part of that day? Deciding what to order! Here's what we decided on:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crazy Courtney

Ohhhh. My sweet baby girl. Always crackin' us up! Seriously, how can you ever get angry at this little girl. Daddy says "put your panties on". She says "ok"...and look where they go.

Mommy says "go to bed". She says "ok". And comes out like this.

Mommy calls out "baby where are you". She says "right here mommy".
**notice all 4 toothbrushes are out and toothpaste ready. Her Uncle Garrett would be so proud.

Mommy takes her to a photo-shoot of friends and she says "take my picture mommy".

I must admit. I absolutely love my little girl.

Halloween 2009

Introducing our little "Conductor". What a fitting costume this year as she seems to conduct our life each day. As I contemplated what to dress my little 2 year old as I cam across Ethan's tux from when Paul and I got married. For kicks I had Courtney try it on...and it was ADORABLE! It hit me, "she'll be a conductor!". She is totally in love with Little Einsteins and she is constantly 'conducting' her stuffed animals and babies. So, Halloween night we headed over to the music store and got a conducting wand. Guitar Center did not carry them, they are too cool.

Courtney loved it! We headed off to Grace Point church for Trunk-or-Treat with James and Shanna and we had fun. Daddy was in OKC for a job and missed the night, so we took a lot of pictures for him. Courtney was so patient waiting in line for her turn and when they told her to take 'some candy' she took 'a lot of candy' but they didn't mind. I would say her favorite part was the BIG SLIDE. She climbed right up there and flew down. Immediately she looks up and says 'I want to go again, Mommy". Our little dare-devil, I tell ya!