Thursday, January 21, 2010

Precious Memories

Ok. I just did 4 post...mainly pictures. I am SO far behind it's not even funny. I hope to do better through the year. I got the last 2 years printed to book and I love it! It's kinda year book looking, but to look through a book with memories of the last 2 years is awesome. I hope to get the blog printed each year for memories our kids will easily have access to. If you haven't heard of blog-2-book, it's a great idea. I got ours through . I came across one other site, but it was directed to the same place...either way. Super cute and a great idea for a gift too!

Here are two precious pictures of my sweet baby Courtney from a nice winter day in Arkansas.

Fun With Courtney

Christmas in January

Between my mom being in the hospital right after Christmas and the crazy weather...we didn't have Christmas with my parents until about a week ago. Right when the kids were out of 'present mode' there were more. My parents pretty much got the kids the best gifts this year. Ethan's requires a helmet and Courtneys is full of hours of imagination. :-)

Snow 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

FEAR THE BANSHEE!!!! (written by the husband)

Ok, here is the story...Just recently 4wheelers have been the rage among my buddies. Annie and I had 2 blaster 200's a while back and sold them not only to pay some bills of course, but also because nobody was riding with us. Well my buddy James just picked up a new 250 honda, my next door neighbor Todd just got a 400 Kawi, and kyle has a 400 honda. I have been left out of the fun and they have been nice enough to let me ride theirs. So, of course, I started to get the itch and was scrambling my brain to find a way to trade into one for myself, then it hit me..... My awesome, incredible, unbelievable, giving, cool, generous, good looking, fun, giving. good looking, thoughtful, giving, good looking uncle Larry gave me one a long time ago. It has been resting in hiding waiting for the opportunity to give out some whoopins, and people the time has come. I rode it this afternoon in the snow and ice, and all i can say is "FEAR THE BANSHEE". It SCREAMS. So, Kyle, Todd, and James, I would suggest some Advil for the beatings that are headed your way. Larry, YOU ROCK, cant thank you enough, and i can tell you it will be put to good use. Just another way you have been there for me! I love you man......

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas has come and gone this are A LOT of photos from the day in no particular order. :-)
We started a new tradition this year...making a cake for the "birthday boy".

The day after Christmas...playing in the left over snow.
Daddy and Courtney learning how to play her new game.

Shanna and Brady on Christmas day.

Courtney and Brady in his new Cars tent...they LOVE it.

Christmas afternoon...heading to Shannas.
this is SO Courtney! Posing in her new Santa outfit...she really thought Santa left his outfit for her to wear.
Eating cake batter from Jesus' cake.

making Jesus' cake

feeding her baby...

both kids Christmas morning on their 4-wheelers...we had a 'white Christmas'.

daddy and courtney putting things together.

our librarian

my brother...santa didn't pay attention to the naughty/nice list I guess...

light wheels for his bike...

like father like daughter

all of us

santa left a MESS!

stocking all stuffed and ready for the morning...

setting out cookies and milk for santa

hot chocolate Christmas Eve

one present on Christmas Eve