Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Pursley Update

We are happy to say, the baby has a heartbeat! We are now 12 weeks 5 days along and got our first little listen to the baby today. Courtney was with us and she was so excited. I believe she has listened to it 10 times since we left the doctor's office. We also got the initial blood work back and all is well! Good news and a great day. I am starting to show already...have actually been for a couple weeks but I'm good at hiding it I guess. That is getting a little tougher to do these days. I am looking forward to a bigger bump that is not questionable (fat or pregnant). My nausea is off and on but will hopefully be gone soon. Though we are measuring at 14 weeks which is the 2nd trimester, we aren't technically there yet. So maybe 2 more weeks and I'll be to the 'happy trimester'.