Friday, January 23, 2009

little help?

Alright fellow bloggers and readers of blogs. I need some help. I LOVE photography. I seem to have a knack for taking pictures and editing them (yes, some need editing). I can design anything you want on the computer, I have a crazy creative bone that God gave me. BUT, I can't think of a name for my photography for the life of me. we have any suggestions? I am open to anything!!! I am going to be launching a photography site here soon as the weather is getting better (around here at least) and I should be able to pick up some photography jobs. I figure I can't keep sending people to my family blog, so...I need a name! 

Need an incentive? I'll do a free photo shoot of your family if you get the winning name. How about that?! :-) I am DESPERATE here.

On a side note, here are some photos I took of Courtney this week. I drive by this abandoned church about every day and have wanted to take photos there for some time. It was a beautiful day and Courtney was excited to take pictures...with Nemo of course. She is our precious gift from God, that is for sure! (Totally stole the Bible verse off your blog, Kate) 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mega Post....

It's been WAY too long since I've sat down to blog. Maybe now that I'm getting into the swing of this semester's schedule I can get back on track...

KDO Days

I have started working 2 days a week this semester and switched classes. I am not longer with Courtney's class and the 'almost 2s'. I am now with the 'just 4s'. I sure do miss my baby all day and all the other kids I got so close to but they needed me and I love my new kids too. Here are some pictures of them, we sure have a lot of fun and they are all so loving and sweet.

The "Thursday Crew"
Super neat craft...put a paper in a box, squirt some paint on the paper, throw some marbles in there and let the kids roll it around. Turns out cool.
Reese, the Super Star of the day. She is simply precious and quiet.
Lee Ann, she is not in my class but she is so darn sweet I had to put her pic up here. Love ya girl! We'll do another shoot this week. :-P

Elise, Courtney's 'big sister'. I am so thankful she is in my class. Kind of my replacement for Courtney those days. 
Sophie is just darling. I love her choice of words.
Jami Grace...many of you know her. She's a character! So loving and cuddly too.
Another picture of Reese.

Brady & Courtney - TLA
The romance in Courtney's life. Brady and Courtney are so dang precious together. Yes, she is a little older. Yes, she is a little bigger. And yes, this relationship seems to be a little one sided. But that is all ok. Brady does like Courtney, but I don't think he sees her romantically just yet. Sorry baby...
The first kiss...

D E N I E D!

Bath Time Fun
Um...not really much to type about bath time pictures. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

family days come to an end

As quick as it came, it has gone. Family days are over for the year. What a whirl wind of events we had this year with everyone coming to Arkansas! We are so blessed with our family and children and are so thankful for what the Lord has given us. Here are some pictures from Alissa and Dave's visit to NWA.

Ok, this isn't from their trip, this is Christmas Eve. Probably my favorite picture from the 500+ we took.
Carter and his 'fo hawk'.
We took the kids to Fun City after church and we had a blast! Courtney was in the tunnels for hours!

Kaylee climbed all the way to the top but wasn't so sure on going in the tunnel.
Not even a mile from Fun City...
Back at home Paul rigged Courtney's new 4-wheeler to carry a passenger

The final day Courtney and Kaylee really seemed to connect...finally!
All the 'grown ups' were playing guitar hero so Courtney grabbed her guitar she got from Uncle D and Aunt Alisa and rocked the house too. Seriously, she was getting into it, holding the guitar above her head and stuff...where do they learn this?!?!

Friday, January 2, 2009

pictures galore!

My o' my. What have I done to myself? Christmas time is so hectic now that we have kids! Apparently I have not uploaded my pictures in a while and now I have over 400 pictures to choose from. (and that is only from 1 of 2 cameras!) Maybe I have a problem, maybe I'm a picture-taking-aholic? Ohhh no! 

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas and got to see most of our families. Paul's family came out first and we had a great time with them as usual. It was so cold while they were here though so there wasn't much to do other than hang out at the hotel and at the house. Big D kinda gets restless in that situation, but we worked it out. Here are some pictures from that trip.

After the Pursley's left, we headed to my parent's house in Greers Ferry for some more Christmas adventures. Courtney had a blast decorating Christmas cookies (well, she liked to eat the frosting at least). She also got to play with her cousins which she LOVES. Courtney and Carter buddied up and were so stinkin' cute together. We would find Courtney sitting on Carter's lap watching Nemo. I think those pictures are on the other camera though. Either way, all of us girls (me and my 3 sisters) were there with our kids and husbands for Christmas morning. I guess it's been 8 years since that last happened - wow! Courtney got the hang of opening presents pretty quick, but not so much on the waiting her turn part. She now wants to open any  present she sees. 

Courtney and Bopa coloring
The whole fam Christmas morning. 
Courtney and Kaylee got matching horsies...
Her first "look" (zoolander)
Carter on a mission to the moon.
Dad remembered!!! See's candy is 'his' gift each year.
Courtney and the tongue.

Weird-o Beaver fans!
Courtney's prize possession from Christmas...

Other than that, Dad turned 50!!! Holy cow, I can't believe my father is 50. Alissa and I got to take Dad golfing on his birthday since it was 60 degrees outside. (global warming is awesome for golfing!) Alissa was the high scorer which means she won in her opinion. :-) I actually did pretty good, only shooting 6 more than Dad. (no official scores to be released on the internet, too risky)

So now it's the new year and I am excited! New things to do, new adventures to have, new experiences to experience. :-) We hope you all had an awesome Christmas season, and we thank God for all we have!