Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deep thoughts...... ( SNL for us old people)

O.K. here we go, yet again you get to read babbling from me "The Paul" as the guys call me on the job. It has been a weird few months for me. I have had some of lowest times of my life in the last few months, I really think God has had a target on my head, and has been using a baseball bat to drive some things in. It is no secret that i am a stubborn pain and don't like to be beat by ANYTHING. In fact i have prided myself on being able to say "i just flat don't get beat". I have found two huge problems with that....... first being "pride", it IS the devils work. My pride has pushed me down so many roads that i had no business on, you wouldn't believe it. The second problem was me never getting beat, now if its a car, a problem with a house, a workout in the gym, something like that, i rarely, if ever get beat. But when it comes to life and my walk with God, i have never been beaten so bad in my life(and that's saying a lot, refer to the pride thing, it has delivered me some good beatings). Lately i have done everything in my power to get my life straight, but every door was backed by a brick wall. I started to come unglued. It seemed i was getting knocked to my knees every day. After some good bible studies with the guys, a great connection group, and the council of some incredible Godly men (one wishes he worked in "The Office", one works on "muscles that are connected to ligaments that are connected to bones", and one works on marriages, and the last of course is my Dad) i started to realize that my knees were EXACTLY where i belonged, surrendering everything to God. I am living proof, start at the top, and the rest seems to fall in line. I came home today to an amazing thing. My wife did something just for me. Normally, to get excitement out of me you would need to place race car parts or something of that nature in front of me. But today way very different. Annie Got me one of those awesome small bibles. I just recently started to read the new testament from the beginning, and really wanted one. It was on the counter when i walked in and i was really and truly excited. At that moment i realized. life is on a new road, it is smoother, wider, and the fellow travelers are happy, considerate, and ready to help at any time. Never would anyone believe that i would be as excited about getting a bible as some race car parts (that doesn't mean that they aren't still on the list, so feel free if you have any to give), but it has happened. This weekend in church the message was "God always wins" and i tell you from the heart, if you are struggling, let it go. Give it to him, let him be your shield and your filter. His power and love are real. Fathers who have children know the love, i was blessed with two fathers who stepped up for me. My Dad who married my mom with my sister and I as a package deal (I personally had a huge hand to driving my dad to god looking for answers i am pretty sure, i was a pain), for that i cant even say thank you, but what i can say thank you for is standing beside me when i needed you most, love you Dad, i don't say it enough. The second of course is God OUR father, and this father knows everything, even the stuff we didn't get caught for(that's a scary thought). He has stood by me and waited patiently for me till recently... again refer to the baseball bat note from earlier. But i have surrendered my life to him, and i can tell you his shoulders are much bigger than mine and he can carry more than i can alone. I couldn't be where i am now without all of you, my wife who is my driving force and my purpose, my mom who is my bible encyclopedia and patiently puts up with my "what ifs" and "where is this" calls, my sister who puts up with my constant relationship advise and always tries to tell me thank you without telling me where i can go hehehe, my brothers who have made sure to listen to the "do as i say not as i did" , Blaine who has been my little side kick and is always ready to make me laugh, our friends who deal with me having something to say probably way toooo much, and to my spiritual mentors for giving me straight true Godly advise and guidance. I love you all very much and am probably boring all of you by now, but i want to say thank you to all of you. My relationship with God and my peace is a result of every one of you.

Jump Rope Vol 1

***please wait for the music to begin

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blaine's B-day

Happy Birthday, Bud!

Yesterday was my brother's 20th birthday, TWENTY! I can't believe my little brother is 20. He's such an awesome person, even if he doesn't keep his room clean. We are so blessed to have him with us every day. Here is the cake Paul went and had made for him. He calls him "Bizzle", when he told the lady what to write on the cake she replied "can you write that down". :-)

I love you, Bud!!!!
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

pumpkin patch

Everyone else is blogging about pumpkin patches, so I will too. I suggested we take the kids out to Tonitown after church today and I was pretty much the only one who was excited but it turned out awesome! We didn't argue about pictures (sorry Kate and Ang), our pictures turned out pretty good, and we got out with only 2 pumpkins. Ethan originally wanted the HUGE one when you first walk in. His exact words were "what, it's only $47"!!!! He got one for $6.50. This was our first year 'pumpkin patching' and it's now an annual thing. I love it!

Ethan looking for a pumpkin under $47!

My funny boys.

Daddy's idea, he even gave Courtney the whip!

Friday, October 17, 2008

jump rope anyone?

So, Paul and I went to the gym the other day. We worked chest. Why? I don't know. Me, work chest, not making sense to me either. But I did and that was fine; I was even stronger on one of the exercises than one of Paul's friend (to remain nameless). Once we were done doing our chest work out we went over and he handed me a jump-rope. "No problem" I think. I haven't done this is 15 years but that doesn't matter. Oh, it mattered! I couldn't go around 5 times without messing up! "What was wrong with me, I'm coordinated, I should be able to do this." So me being the comical person I am starts cracking myself up. Paul looked at me, "what in the heck are you doing" with a smile cracking. "You've never seen anyone run and jump rope?" I asked him. "No" he says with a smile. Now, I didn't think it was that funny since that was the only way I could do more than 5 arounds at a time. (arounds at a time? whatever)

So, my challenge to all of you. Go try it. I know you are sitting there saying, "what a dork, I can still jump rope". My friends, I bet you can't! And even better, you'll be sore!!! Yes, from jumping rope!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

strange situation...our situation

This weekend we were blessed to have Ethan, Anna (Ethan's step-sister) and Hallie (Ethan's other half sister) stay with us for a day and night. Ethan's step-dad is an ultimate fighter, and had a fight this weekend so a few weeks ago Stefani asked if we would watch the kids. Of course we would! Courtney and Hallie are 4 months apart and have been best friends since they were born pretty much. They are both such well behaved babies and it was so much fun to have them all. Anna is 10 and such a helper. She is a sweet girl and loves doing 'girly' things though Paul did get her on Ethan's motorcycle and she was fearless! Going from 1 (sometimes 2) children to 4 was quite a shock but for just one day, night and Sunday morning I think it went quite well. Here are some super cute pictures from the weekend.

did i make this?

Yep. It's not perfect, but I like it! :-) Everyone has fancy wipes boxes and I just couldn't handle it any more. Why would I not have one too? Well, now I do. Blaine thinks I should put "Courtney" across the front too...good idea, Bud!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

busy times, little posts

It's been so long since I've had time to post! I can't believe it but it's the truth. We've had a busy week I guess. Doing what, I do not know. I am finally home just hanging out though and it's so nice.

I have really tapped into my photography lately and am having a blast! I take so many pictures of Courtney anyway, I figure I may make them nice.

Here are some photos I've taken recently, there will be more I'm sure.

side note: Courtney is growing so much and is such a sweet little girl. I am trying to get her to say "love you" but when I tell her to say "love you", she returns a "quack quack quack". I don't quite get that, but it is cute.

Grandma and Grandpa sent Courtney these super cute boots the other day. Courtney loves them, puts them on and says 'woo woo'. (sorry, dad, another no shirt shot)

Such a handsome boy, isn't he?

Courtney and her kitty kitty, bff!

My hot husband.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ethan's Party

Kate and I are both bad moms but she isn't as bad as I am. I read her blog today which made me remember that I never posted pictures of Ethan's birthday party. He turned 8 on the 19th of September! I can't believe he is 8 already! He had his party at the Boys & Girls Club in Fayetteville that has an indoor pool and water slide. He had a great time of course and quite a few of his friends showed up...here are some pictures.

Kate (future Mrs. Ethan Pursley), Wesley, "Trevie" and Ethan playing in the 'warm' water.

Blue lips = water too cold for me!


Admiring her older brother...

I LOVE this little boy.

That's icing, not a booger.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the secret mind of a husband

So yesterday Paul wanted deviled eggs. He called me and asked me to make deviled eggs. I said ok and made hard boiled eggs. I was in the kitchen after dinner and was putting the hard boiled eggs away wondering why he did not eat them when I realized that he wanted DEVILED eggs, not just hard boiled eggs! My mind was just not together I guess. I felt so bad and asked him if he wanted me to make them but we'd already eaten dinner and he said not to worry about it. I couldn't believe what an idiot I was. There I was thinking I had made him proud and done what he asked and I'm sure he was wondering when the heck I was actually going to turn those boiled eggs into the deviled eggs he had asked for...sooooooooo, this morning I see this waiting for me.

courtney saying names

Courtney and I have been working on names the past few days. As the holidays approach, I want her to be able to say her family's names...here is our first go-round. Some will be happier with her progress than others. :-) She actually deoes a little better but was kinda busy shoving hot dogs in her mouth during this shooting. (pause the song on the right before trying to play this)