Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Courtney turns 3...almost a month ago!

I absolutely can not believe that my little girl is 3! Where does the time go? My sweet girl had the time of her life for a 3 year old. Nana and Bopa were in town and took us bowling...she has become a Wii bowling maniac and I think it helped her in the real world even. She can now throw the ball herself and actually knock some pins down. It was fun.

One of her best buds, Brady, joined us. He was trying to point the balls in the right direction. :-)

Thanks Dad for taking a great family photo!

drum roll......ANOTHER 4-wheeler! She was so stinkin' excited about this thing.

another drum roll?!?!?! Her FIRST haircut. Yes, at THREE! Daddy went so she didn't really get a 'cut'. She got a very very very very very very very very little trim. Thanks Tracie! You are awesome!

A few weeks before her birthday I decided I wanted her hand prints...I thought of the wall...but quickly realized we can't take the wall if we move...so we started this canvas. To add hands each year until they don't fit anymore.

The party...birthday girl is READY!

Brady and Courtney in the gutter water...where every 3 year old belongs, right?
One exhausted birthday girl!