Thursday, September 23, 2010

Courtney/Mommy Day

***Blogger has a new way to post and I DO NOT LIKE IT!. So. I give up. Horrible posting style. Sorry.

As we all know, I am a stay-at-home mom. My job is to take care of my sweet baby and house. A lot of working mom's would maybe think that every day is just a hang out with your kid day. As much as I'd like to say it is, it isn't. My days are filled with house cleaning, laundry, teaching, organizing, answering questions, grocery shopping...etc. LOVE it. LOVE my job. Yesterday though, I was sitting with Courtney having breakfast and looking at the dishes from breakfast that needed to be done, the beds that need to be made, the pile of laundry in the laundry room that needs to be washed and I decided it all can wait. Courtney and I are going to have a day for just her. No computer, no laundry, no cell phone, no laundry, no dishes, no 'hold on baby, I'm almost done'....just whatever she wanted to do and when she wanted to. Let me tell you, it was awesome! Courtney smiles all day every day, but there was that extra little shine in her eye yesterday and she deserved it.

Ms. Thing ready to go. 60s style?
We then headed to Boingo Bounce for some great times. She is fearless I tell you. From the little kid slide to the 'wave slide' that she literally catches air. She loves them all.

From there we went to 
Ricks Bakery. She wanted a cupcake, what can I say? :-) For those of you in NWA, you know this is the place to go for any baked goods you need.

Since she dressed herself, she happened to pick shoes that were just a little too small. So we headed to the mall to get new ones. She even got to pick them out. More Twinkle Toes of course. (on sale at Finish Line ladies!)

It was her day, I said yes when she asked to ride this. She'll never be too big!
Jelly Beans. For a quarter. Yes.

She wanted to go home after the mall. We continued to play for the rest of the day and just had a good time laughing and playing. Marsh-mellow before bed, why not!

Last but not least, chocolate milk. Isn't she stinkin' adorable?!?!? I LOVE her!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

summer 2010 iphone pictures

Oh my word! So I ALWAYS have my iphone with me, and I have the pictures to prove it! Here are A LOT of pics from the summer. WOW.

(the best neighbors ever...NY style)

Nephew Carter makes the fridge.
Carter, Kaylee and Courtney at the fair on the flip-n-jump
a friend showed me this...I have GOT to make one for Courtney!
our super buys at the Rhea Lana sale
Her first pair of UGG boots...for...ready...$10!!!
Jax just being Jax. Love that boy.
Courtney letting Jax take her for a walk..
Her butt used to be this small?!
Only PART of the baby clothes I have kept and finally gone through to give away.
Concert in LR with my parents for his bday.
Kaylee, Carter and Courtney getting ready to race.
Good ol' morning game of Chutes and Ladders.
Courtney found this outfit is 6-9 mo!
Her first flowers from Mommy.
Ethan's last day of summer.
Visit with Grandma at Eagle Mountain in Bateville.
Little Kaylee gobbling up her food. She should probably weigh 400 lbs the way she eats, but she is a mere 28.
Sleeping again.
and again.
Heading home from Disney World.
and more sleeping.
her second fall down the stairs of Bopa's motorhome...the first was her face.

getting on the plane to Disney World. She is a flying pro.
Her first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese
Jax and Courtney having a picnic.
and sleeping.
more sleeping

Ethan being a pinch runner in CA.
Ethan and Courtney bonding with their new cousin Winston. Aunt Gaunga and Uncle Derek's new

sleeping some more.
and more.
here too.
getting ready to sleep.
Aidan whoopin' Ethan...he's 3...he's 9....the future is dangerous.
Our Temple Bar weather for 2010.

Aidan, Courtney and Sophie playing sweet music on the piano.

Ethan carying Courtney down the LONG walk at XNA to board our plane.
Her and green.
Forgot about this. Dipping cheetos in oatmeal. Yuck!

She says "look mommy, I'm wakeboarding."
Chillin' at the pool at FAC.
in the zone...
Paul "diving Ms Daisy". AKA Nana.
Learning how to play Go Fish.