Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear 80 year old follower of Christ

Last weekend we went to see my Grandma. She has been in the hospital for pretty much 2 and a half months. She finally went home a week and a half ago and I was so excited because we were going to be able to see her at home instead of in a hospital. I didn't let her know we were coming, although I did try to call but I guess she was too busy having movie time in the theater with her friends. They were watching Titanic, very intense, no phone calls allowed. :-) When we got there we went to her room first, no Grandma. Back to the theater room, there was Grandma. Still watching Titanic and not even noticing the 2 year old running around. Finally she realizes that it's her great-grand-daughter and is shocked. Oh what a feeling to see her (Grandma's) eye light up with joy when she realized we were there. She looked towards the door and saw myself and Paul and smiled again. It was awesome! I had called ahead and let the girls know we would be there for dinner. Usually they set me up at the table with her and whoever she is sitting with that month but this time was special. They put the 4 of us in the 'conference' room with just us. Now, don't think conference room like metal table and yucky chairs. This is not the type they have. It was more of a 'meal at home' feel. (other than the food :-)) We sat and visited and got the scoop on how Grandma is feeling. Oh, she cracks me up! She says (with a small voice) "these girls are so much nicer here". After we ate, we went back up to her room to visit before we made our 4 hour drive home. I had read something on a friends blog that I just had to write to my own Grandma so I got a card and wrote this:

Dear 80 year old follower of Christ:

So, how have you done it?
How have you managed to maintain your faith in Christ all these years?
How have you handled the changes that you have certainly seen in your 80 years on this earth?
How have you dealt with the heartaches that you’ve most assuredly endured?
How have you chosen to trust God when everything around you seemed to be in shambles?
How have you done it?
Because, quite frankly, I want someone to ask me this when I’m 80 and I’ll need to know what to say.
You inspire me

And I meant every word of it. Even if I didn't come up with the words myself. As we sat with Grandma at dinner we talked about her following of Christ all these years. Which, still baffles me. Not that one would follow Christ (because I couldn't live any other way) but the faith of an 80 year old. Makes me want to be 80 to know what it's like! As we talked though, she told me that this last stay in the hospital she had an argument with God. At one point she was in so much pain she asked God, "Why, what have I done to feel this way?". At another point she asked God "Why? Why won't you take me home?". She continued to talk to us and she knows that He is not ready for her. She may not understand why not, but she knows in her heart that she is still here on earth for a purpose, HIS purpose.

"There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot" Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Grandma's time is still here "under heaven". I know the Lord is using her for His good every day and I am so thankful that He has used her in my life. I love you, Grandma and Courtney and I pray for you every night.

Courtney showing her Great-Grandma the animal magnets off her refrigerator and telling her what they say. I just love Grandma's reaction.

The next two are some of my favorites. Look at the way Grandma looks at my sweet baby girl. Such interest, such joy, pure love in her heart shining through. I have pictures from when I was a child and Grandma and Grandpa both were always looking at me that way. Something you simply can not fake.

Courtney so excited and loving the moments with her Great-Grandma.

A picture truly is worth 1,000 words.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ethan's 9th birthday

Ethan is 9! Oh my time flies! When I first met Ethan, he just about to turn 2. He was so stinkin' cute. I remember he was so little and loved to run. I'd take him for a walk and he would say 'c'mon, Annie, run!'. Well, he's a little older now and has moved from running to riding. This year, Stefani and I put on his birthday part at the bmx park in Lowell. It was awesome! G&G Pursley gave Ethan a bike for his birthday and all his friends brought their bikes. They rode around the track for about an hour until all of them were dripping with sweat and ready to just play on the playground.
new bike: personalized number plate (919=his birthday)
all lined up, ready to race
ethan and trevor: bff

all the sweaty boys
ethan and stevie

courtney and hallie playing in the water: they figured out how to squirt each other
team pursley shirt i made for courtney

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful Daughter

The Lord has blessed me with an amazingly beautiful daughter. I might be just a little biased but she is amazing in my eyes. Last week I took her into Kimberlea Bass Photography for a mini-shoot and she did an incredible job. Within just a couple of minutes Courtney was playing peek-a-boo with her and having fun. Thanks again, Kimberlea, you are awesome!

Monday, September 14, 2009

3 weekend of Les Mills training...COMPLETED!

So apparently I got the fitness bug somewhere and it has fully attached to me and isn't letting go! 3 weeks ago I went into Fuel Fitness to sign up for the Body Pump training and some how I let them convince me to also sign up for the Body Combat training. That was the hardest training I have ever was also the first training I have ever done. If you don't know what Body Pump is, I would explain it in Layman's terms as "Tae Bo on steroids". It is literally 55 min of intense moves and heart racing energy...NO BREAKS! I was not ready for that AND teaching at the same time. I got a 'resit' in that class. Les Mills is very positive and therefore there is no "fail" in their classes. I would have to do day 2 of the training again to get a pass. I'm not sure it's for me anyway, but eventually I will pass it completely.
The next weekend Kelsey and I headed to Tulsa, OK for Body Pump training. Now that was AWESOME! I absolutely love Body Pump and was so much more comfortable teaching it. Kelsey and I both passed that class and have moved to team teaching at Fuel. We both will have our own classes starting in October, so check it out!
After passing Body Pump I was convinced that I should keep going and just this last weekend was RPM. WHOA! Again, out of my 'comfort zone' being all cardio and all, but it was also Awesome! We had the same instructor: Justin Sanchez. If you ever do a Les Mills training, I would suggest going to his class. He knows what he's doing and is very helpful to pull you along as far as you can go in 2-3 days. Yeah, did I mention these classes are 3 days, 9 hours each day? RPM was only 2 days at 9 hours a piece though. :-) Kelsey and I also passed this module and will be team teaching for a few weeks.
I'm all done now, passed and ready to get learning all the tracks to teach on my own. But, back to being a Mommy on the weekends! I MISSED my baby!!!!