Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update and random pictures

Courtney has recovered I would say, from her tonsil surgery. She had days of ups and downs for about a week then about a week of some weird, rough dreams/nights and I would say she is back to our normal little girl. Other than she can breath at night (without sounding like a 65 year old man), I no longer worry when I don't hear her breathing because I know she really is breathing and yes, she still sounds like a chipmunk. We are hoping that last part with go back to normal but will not mind either way. She is one tough little girl and we are so proud of her. She lost about 4 lbs over the 2 weeks and is on her way to gaining it back and more by the way she is eating! We sure do love her!

Last week we were able to go to the park! It was beautiful!
This is Courtney's new thing...what color bath she will take. Walmart sells these little pellets that change the color of the water, and nothing else! She loves them and it makes bath time all that much more exciting for her. As you can see by the walls, we are all about fun bath times...we also have the handy bath markers that Walmart sells. Love them! 
One night after surgery she was watching a movie in her "tent" (thank you Slaughter family for such a wonderful gift!) and this is how I found her. So precious. 
 Our little fashion queen. 
Ok, seriously, it was 80 degrees last weekend...this weekend back to freezing, but last weekend, not so much. Last summer Courtney had so much fun on her slip and slide, so I got her a new one. The water was REALLY cold, but she still had a blast. I can't wait for summer days to be here. 

Courtney LOVES her Daddy. Loves, Loves, Loves him. You can tell with the way she smiles when she interacts with him. I love to take bazilions of pictures of them...nothing like looking back at those times when she is older.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"I want my Mommy"

That is the greatest sound ever. I have heard my sweet baby say that since she could talk. It's strange to say it's the greatest sound ever because it is a sound only heard when she is in need, and often in pain. But for some reason, it brings tears to my eyes when I replay it in my mind. Maybe because I know I am needed, someone really needs me, someone feels like I am the only way to feel better or comforted at a certain time. Maybe it's because I know I can help, through time I have learned that when I hear those words, I can do something. Usually it's just a hug and rubbing her head, or singing "her song" softly in her ear. But I know I can help.

The most recent "I want my Mommy" event was yesterday when our sweet baby girl (I know, she's almost 4, but she is still our baby) had her tonsils out. She needed it done, she's needed it done for a while. It didn't make it any easier to actually have it done. They wheeled her away with a hug and a kiss and an I love you and of course a smile.

The next we see her she is waking up from being put out and is crying "I want my Mommy". My heart sinks as I see the tears in her eyes. I climb up on her hospital bed and do what a Mommy does best; comfort her, take her mind off what is bothering her (the IV at this point) and make her feel love. It works, it hasn't failed me yet. And thus, I love being a Mommy. And through the tough times of her life, I pray she will always cry out to me "I want my Mommy".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good-bye 1st trimester...WELCOME 2nd trimester

I can not believe it has 3 months already! We always seem to find out the second we are pregnant so being pregnant is a really long time but honestly, it is going by pretty quick. Yesterday marked the 1st day of the 2nd trimester which is always anticipated as the 1st trimester is not fun... nausea, too many trips to the bathroom, feeling pregnant but not looking pregnant....etc. They call the 2nd trimester the joyful trimester. I sure hope "they" are right this time. I am feeling better already, not so sick, more energy and SO glad to be really showing...not just the "pregnant or too many cookies" look. I was horrible at keeping a picture update with Courtney, I seriously have maybe 4 pictures the entire pregnancy, so this time I wanted to show as I grow. Awe, looking at that first picture, flat belly....bye bye. It left so quickly this time. 4 pack up top, baby belly down low. Oh well, it will come back.We go back to the Dr on the 16th and will schedule our first ultrasound that day. Soooo, hopefully in 3 weeks or so we will know if we are having a boy or a girl! Courtney is dead set on a girl. When I pray for our baby, if I say "he" she quickly corrects me. When we talk about the baby, she continues to say "I sure hope it's a girl". She says she will love a baby boy but really wants a little sister. Ethan on the other hand, dead set the other way. He wants a boy and there is no other way it will be. Well, not having twins, so one will not get their way. Either way, Paul and I are excited and even have a name if it is a boy! And no, it's not what anyone will think. So there!