Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Year Coming To An End

My, oh, my...another year is coming to an end. I think December is in like 4 many days does November have? Either way...1 more month of 2010 and I have been a horrible blogger! I began printing our blog each year, well, I printed 2 years last year and I will be printing it again at the end of this year...I wish I would have done better blogging. I feel like I missed so many things to share in print with the kids. Am I a bad mom? I feel like a bad mom. I will most likely go through and post a bazillion pictures and they can just ask me about them when they are older. And when I am much older I will tell them all about them and get names mixed up and tell stories over and over, some that are right and some that I probably will make up in my old little mind and again I will think I am a bad mom, I should have blogged more. At 85, do you think I will remember blogging? Oh, I hope so. Maybe I'll be an 85 year old blogger and my children will still be getting "blog-to-print" books...oh, I can't wait!

Some random pics to share with the kids:

Told ya. Random.