Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Courtney's 1st Day of School

Our sweet baby started K-4 today. Pretty much kindergarten minus 2 days. She will be gone 3 days a week from 8-3. Oh. My. Word. Do you ever do something so far in advance and as it gets closer you REALLY start to question yourself? Well, I do that all the time. It's how I stay commented to things to be honest. So, we signed her up months ago. We have gotten ready over the past few weeks...uniform clothes, backpack monogrammed, matching bows, meet the teacher, school supply shopping..."we" were ready. But was I really? Is she really? I have spent the last 4 years with Courtney pretty much every day. She has gone to Mom's Day Out programs for a couple of years, but those are for a few hours and mostly for her to play. She is in school now, learning, playing, and growing...without me. It's ok and I'm ok, but I am NOT one of those moms who can't wait to ship their kids off. If I had it my way we would home school...but Paul thinks home school is for weirdos...I do not. So, day 1 is going well. Other than I found out she can not wear the brand of shoes I bought her. Toms. Really. The cutest shoes ever. Today is is breaking dress code and tomorrow we will be on track. I'm so not a rule breaker either. She is in a Christian Private school and I thank God that we are blessed enough to put her there. It is much easier to send your sweet baby off for the day when you know she is surrounded by people who love Jesus and will love her.

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