Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reality hits...or does it

We are having a baby. Tomorrow. Yesterday I had my pre-op and blood work. Scheduled c-section. As I'm getting ready to leave they put this bracelet on me and tell me to wear it until I come back to have my baby. Wow. Have a baby, scheduled, a time, a place, planned everything. It's crazy I tell you. It's nice in some areas; my parents are here, Paul's mom is here which is awesome; we knew it was our last night with just 2 kids; which was great, and we were fortunate to have Ethan and spend that time with him. Everyone is excited, so am I. But has reality really hit? Hm. Probably not. Am I ready? Yeah. We got this. 

Next post will be at our new blog....C.A.P.E. will not fit anymore...

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